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ME Exchange purchases foreign currency on the international money market for corporate and private clients and transmits those funds world-wide on their behalf.

Typical clients are businesses that trade internationally that have chosen to outsource their foreign currency management and private individuals sending money abroad to buy property and other big ticket items.

Customers benefit from better exchange rates than those normally available from the high street banks and from a faster, more personal and proactive service.

In addition to foreign exchange, we provide a number of complementary products and services, which are also detailed below.

Foreign Exchange Contract Types

Several foreign exchange contract types or market tools are available to our customers that can both mitigate risk and gain maximum benefit from fluctuating currency markets...

Regular Payment Service

Many of our customers need to send funds to cover mortgage payments or have their pension income transferred abroad. Our regular payment service provides for a monthly 'standing order' facility to convert and transfer sums a low as 500 to accounts in Europe, the US and elsewhere...

Mortgage Services

We work closely with a number of mortgage providers who can assist you in financing a property abroad. Lending criteria differs widely depending from country to country, so please feel free to call us and let us refer you to someone who can help with your specific requirements...

Overseas Property Insurance

As an owner of a home overseas, you already understand the importance of protecting your valuable asset. Until now it has been hard to find an insurer who provides comprehensive protection combined with a flexibility that covers all eventualities - but that has now changed...

Travel Cash Delivery

ME Exchange Cash Online is an innovative, one-stop foreign exchange service, offering home delivery and a great deal for cash and travellers cheques....

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